The Universe Wants You To Be Better

February 15, 2023

Your life is in a state of becoming.

Every time you make an effort to be more of who you are, to be the better you ~ you are becoming more alive.

This is not implying that you are lacking.

Rather, it means that there is more of you to discover, to unfold, to become. And, The Universe wants us to be better so that we can help out. The Universe is unfolding too.

The historians of yoga understood the benefits of the practice for the mind, the body, and the soul and pragmatically documented specific postures, mantras, and breathing techniques to help humanity. These tools allow the practitioner to be discovered, to unfold, to become. And each person has their unique understanding of the practice and the benefits they experience.

Being in a state of becoming.




The Universe wants us to be better.

Hopeful for our planet and our personal lives.

Less heartache.

More peace

More prosperity

More power

More happiness.

More love.

As a yogini for over 25 years, I have a history of practice that has helped me to be a better person. And I am continuing to work on it. Currently, I take my practices “off the mat” by trying to understand teenagers, mainstream culture trends, the Middle East, how to take care of my skin, and what to eat that tastes good and does the least harm. That’s my list. I am curious to know what you do.

I wanted to share with you information about the very well-known yoga posture: Downward Facing Dog. Down Dog for short and Adho Mukha Svanasana in Sanskrit. This particular pose brings a lot of benefits to the practitioner because of all the actions the body needs to do in the pose. Down Dog covers several categories of poses too, ie. Standing pose, Forward Bend, Backbend (in the upper back), Inversion, and, if you do some of the variations, Twists.

You can do this pose almost anywhere. I’ve seen it being done in highway rest stops, the airport, the airplane, the park, the beach, at the ski lodge, poolside, and in hotel lobbies. Pretty much anywhere a person found themself in when they decided they needed the benefits of using their muscles to stretch, invert, breath, and focus on themselves.

Here are some of the BENEFITS of practicing this pose regularly and often~

  • Strong leg muscles.
  • Shoulders that are open and mobile which prevents the hunchback look.
  • Bigger bicep and tricep muscles.
  • Strong abdominal muscles that help prevent low back aches.
  • Self-directed inhalation and exhalation that leads to Self-awareness and compassion for oneself.
  • Mental and muscular relaxation that will help you to digest your food easier and be more interested in eating what your body needs as opposed to what it craves.
  • For fertility or pregnancy: relax your abdominal muscles and build stronger back, leg, and arm muscles.

Below are photos of how to come into and out of this pose.

A blue circle with a black background

Practicing yoga, meditation, breath work, and mantra are tools to help you. Your experience is personal. The benefits of your efforts are cumulative and will stay with you for life. Not sure how to bring it into your life? I have yoga and meditation videos that are free, short, and easy on and . I also teach classes online .

Being aware that your life is a state of becoming, can seem annoying, discouraging, and wearisome. But what are your alternatives? If you are not in a state of becoming, what are you in? A state of dying?

Using yoga as a tool is a good way to become, and as you unfold your life the World becomes too.

For more information about starting a home-based yoga practice, check out this blog post.