A Modern Yogi’s Guide to (re)Start a Home Based Yoga Practice

October 8, 2022

If you’ve ever considered starting a home-based yoga practice but got stuck on what you would need to do to create that perfect space, then I’ve got the perfect guide for you!

Today, I am going to share with you my Modern Yogi’s Guide to (re)Start a Home-Based Yoga Practice. I’ll cover how easy it is to find time to practice even in your busy overscheduled life, how to create a zen-like atmosphere in your home, and how to get yourself into all those great poses for relaxation without buying any expensive yoga props.

Let’s get started.

Finding Time to Practice

Time is a valuable asset. It may be hard to believe but practicing yoga will give you more time. It allows you to clean out the cobwebs and blocks in your mind that prevent you from being clear and efficient with what you want to do and the choices you make.

Creating time for your practice, either daily or 3 times per week, is ideal. You can schedule your practice into your calendar to ensure it’s a priority for you.

Begin with scheduling just 15 – 30 minutes for practice. Don’t think that only an hour or a longer period of time that resembles an in-person yoga class is what you have to do to have it count as a yoga practice. A short practice is effective and can easily fit into taking a break from your desk, from driving the kids, or between errands.

My advice as a yogi is for you to practice early in the day. Set your alarm to wake you up 15-30 minutes earlier than you usually do. This will allow you to practice before you get caught up in the business of your daily life.

If you practice during sunrise, you will get the added benefits of this powerful and profound time of day and you will have results much faster.

Observe the effects that yoga has on your life and also if it is stronger or different if you practice at sunrise. Let me know what you discover!

Creating a Zen-Like Atmosphere In Your Home

Where is it that you will do your practice? How can you create a Zen-like atmosphere in your own home that will allow you to practice regularly and feel supported?

The size of the space you need only needs to be the size of your yoga mat. (Regardless of whether you use a yoga mat or not!)

Hardwood floors, carpets, or a deck all work fine. The only surface I don’t recommend is cement. If you would like to buy a yoga mat here is what I use.

I can see during my online classes that many people use the space beside their beds. This is usually at least 2‘x 6’, which is the size of a basic yoga mat. If you want to have more room then choose a place in your home that is not a hallway or has lots of foot traffic. Next to the window is nice. Facing North or East has extra energetic benefits for you while you practice.

Keeping your mat, yoga props and any other items you use placed permanently in this space will help you to commit to your practice. It also creates a positive, oasis-like vibe in your home.

The Essential Props

Items, besides the yoga props, that will help you infuse your space with positive energy and intention are: a yoga journal notebook (HERE IS MY FREE YOGA JOURNAL I MADE FOR ALL OF YOU), essential oils, eye pillow, hoodie or shawl to keep warm, a candle, a diffuser or incense, a plant or vase of flowers.

Adding a picture of what is Divine and special to you will help you to create your special oasis to practice in. Images of angels, Shiva, Mother Mary, Ganesh, Quan Yin, a Waterfall, or Nature may resonate with you and your practice. I recommend something that you can connect to that feels good.

Props that support your body to be in the poses more deeply or ones that help you to relax and let go are easy to find around your home. This is in case you don’t have any yoga props and find this a reason you cannot begin a home practice.

I made a video for you here to see what the Yoga Props look like and what I use from my home in place of those props. If you would like to buy props I use this online site because they have good quality products at a fair price. Most are American made too.

Here is the video: https://www.instagram.com/reel/Cia66i2uEkg/​

With Love,