Trying to Figure Out How to Start a Yoga Practice? Here are 6 Tips!

June 7, 2023

Here are 6 tips to help you figure out how to start a yoga practice. It’s not easy for anyone to begin something new or to begin again. But, it’s what gives quality to life. Perseverance and the belief in ourselves!

Please read on and apply these tips. Tip, by the way, is defined in the Cambridge Dictionary as a useful piece of information about how to do something that results in someone having success or achievement.

TIP #1.

Choose a goal for your practice that is pretty big. I.e. I want to do a headstand for 5 minutes; I want to be strong enough to practice arm balances; I want to have better posture and balance; I want to eliminate sciatica from my life (obtainable even during pregnancy).

TIP #2:

Carve out a corner to practice. Bring your (homemade) props and keep them in the space. Create a small altar with an inspiring picture such as nature, a divine saint, or someone you love. Add a candle, a crystal, a special object, or anything that is beautiful and meaningful to you. These special items placed in an altar setting become blessed objects and will help pull you to the practice. They will help to support you on your path.

TIP #3:

Bring your favorite notebook. Write down everything that relates to your yoga practice, such as: what yoga poses you practiced, how long you tried to meditate, what you ate that was nourishing, and most importantly your goals. See what you wrote about goals from TIP #1 above. 

I have found that when I write things down, I can see the process I am in and take the time to appreciate what is unfolding. My life transforms in helpful ways that make sense to me! You can buy one or use get a copy of my free Yoga Journal. Write in it online or use the printable version.

TIP #4

Set a time to practice each week. I recommend 1-3 times for 30-60 minutes each. Committing 3 hours a week is a solid path to helping you reach your headstand goals. That is only 3 hours maximum in a whole week. You can do it!

TIP #5

Bring your bestie, business partner or life partner because having someone to share this process with makes it a lot more fun plus you can keep each other on track and inspired.

TIP #6:

Notice what you are doing and appreciate yourself for it! And reward yourself by sleeping in late one morning, treating yourself to that special food you love or just doing a whole lot less for the next 24 hours!

Have a good time practicing! And enjoy the nice vibe that the practice space in your home brings to your entire life.

I’d love to hear how your practice is going so leave a response or send me a message on Instagram here.


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