How to do a Yoga Shoulderstand Pose or the Queen’s pose

A queen of hearts playing card with the heart in the middle.

Shoulderstand (Sarvangasana in Sanskrit) is considered to be the Queen of all the hatha yoga poses.

Learning how to do this yoga position can be daunting. It is complicated, takes a certain level of body awareness, and requires self-confidence to practice it well.

You also need to be taught how to do it, to ensure receiving the full benefits of the pose and so that you do not injure yourself.

If you have practiced yoga in a regular yoga class setting, you likely have not been taught how to do a shoulderstand.Public yoga classes are often too big for the teacher to take the time to teach this pose. If there is time given for it only those people who already know how to do sholderstand practice it.

I don’t think a lot of yoga teachers know how to teach shoulderstand. It’s not that easy to teach and takes practice to teach it well. I can confidently say that I have taught this pose for over two decades and no one has been injured doing it in my classes. I also teach it occasionally in my online classes.

I have made a yoga video on how to do a supported Shoulderstand so that you have the knowledge and can practice it too.

Yoga Video on How to do a Supported Shoulderstand.

This version uses props and is a good way to begin. Be sure and follow my directions and feel confident in your ability to do the pose well.

This inversion ~ Shoulderstand ~ is one of the yoga poses that differentiates yoga from other wellness or fitness practices.

Completely inverting your body is an unusual thing to do and comes with great benefits, such as:

  • Better circulation
  • Easier time digesting food
  • Stimulates your thyroid to produce the right balance of hormones for your body
  • Better complexion
  • Lasting energy without extra caffeine
  • Can give relief from, prevent or reverse TMJ
  • Quiets the mind by relaxing your nervous system
  • Builds physical strength
  • Increases your overall flexibility

Shoulderstand is considered the Queen of yoga poses. Partially because it requires both strong muscular effort and quiet receptivity. When you are in the pose you can feel the support of your own energy while also tapping into the creative energy that is sustaining all of us.

To practice supported shoulderstand it is best if you warm up with a few poses first. I suggest the following poses before doing supported shoulderstand:

  1. Sit in a comfortable position on the floor. Be aware of how your body feels and the flow of your breath.
  2. Do a seated twist. Bharadvajasana is ideal, or anyone that you know.
  3. Stand up and do Trikonasana – Triangle pose. Feel free to do a few more standing poses if you have time and feel inspired.
  4. Setu Bhanda Sarvangasana – Bridge pose.

Now your body is ready to do a shoulderstand with the support of a chair or couch. Here again is the YouTube Yoga Video on how to do a supported Shoulderstand.

And, because you now might be curious, Headstand ( or Sirsasana in Sanskrit) is considered the King of all the yoga poses.

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