How can Ayurveda help you?

August 21, 2023


Ayurveda is derived from the two words Ayur and Veda, which can be understood to mean “the Science or Knowledge of Life.” Ayurveda will teach you how to heal yourself because of its unique understanding of symptoms and diseases. Ayurveda understands disease to be the natural, end result of living out of harmony. An important point here is that disease is natural. When we live out of harmony our body wants to communicate that disharmony to us. And the message of the body is our symptoms.

Healing is the reverse. Healing occurs when we learn to live in harmony with our environment. And this is the science of Ayurveda. When we learn to live in harmony with our environment the body’s potential to heal is maximized.

Working with an Ayurveda practitioner will show you how to bring yourself back to harmony and perfect health. This begins by first looking at your digestion. Symptoms such as gas, bloating, heaviness after eating, or burning indigestion are just a few symptoms that show us the type of imbalance in your body. Ayurveda begins by addressing your digestion because that is where the root of all disease begins. If the symptoms within digestion are not addressed then the disharmony will spill over into other parts of the body resulting in disease. The worst cases are cancer, diabetes, and heart disease. But it’s not comfortable to live with hormonal imbalance, arthritis, anxiety, sleep deprivation, or low energy- all of which can be diminished with Ayurveda.


I am currently an Intern with the Ayurveda College and I see patients online or in person under the guidance of a college supervisor.

An initial Ayurveda Consultation takes approximately 2 hours. This may seem long, but it takes time to discuss many aspects of your life and your well-being. The questions cover all aspects of who you are, some of which might be very personal. Some of what I need to know includes digestion, sleep patterns, diet, daily schedule, and relationships.

I will also take a physical assessment of you, part of which includes looking at your tongue, hair, skin, and bone structure. For the in person meetings, I also take your pulse.

This Initial Consultation allows me to determine your dosha. Dosha is defined as “aspects that can cause problems”. Your dosha is the balance of Vata, Pitta, and Kapha. You may have heard of these terms, but they can be hard to understand. Below is more information to help clarify what Ayurveda can do for you, what your unique dosha is, and how you can make changes to bring yourself back to perfect (or near perfect) health.

Your natural constitution, or Prakriti, is your unique balance of the doshas. This was determined at conception and is not changeable. It represents you in your most balanced, healthy state. This is the balance that we will be working to restore. Every person has a different Prakrit, as each of us has a different fingerprint.

Your current state of the doshas is your Vikruti. The dosha or doshas which are out of balance have risen into excess, manifesting as disturbances in the body and/or mind. Ayurveda works to correct imbalances so that your body has an ideal environment in which to heal. Imbalances first begin to show up in your life as symptoms- i.e. gas, bloating, lethargy, intensity.


Vata Dosha: Vata is created by the elements Ether and Air. Ether is the idea of space and connectedness. Air is the idea of motion. Together, Ether and Air are cold, light, dry, and mobile. If you are Vata in your nature or imbalance, these characteristics will dominate in your body and mind. Your body features will tend to be small, thin, and light. When in balance, you will likely be enthusiastic, light-hearted, and highly creative or innovative.

Pitta Dosha: Pitta is created from the elements of Fire and Water, but is mostly fire. Fire is the idea of heat, transformation and illumination. Water adds smoothness and flow. In combination, those of a Pitta nature tend to be warm and fiery. The Pitta body is moderate in size with moderate-sized features. Pitta brings focus, clarity, and logic to the mind.

Kapha Dosha: Kapha is created from the elements of Earth and Water. Earth is the idea of solidity and stability. Water is the idea of flow. Together, Earth and Water are heavy, moist, cool, and solid. Kapha brings stability to the body and sweet compassion to the mind.

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