Holistic Gift Guide: Sheltering Skys Edition

December 7, 2021

  1. The Nasal Care Ritual

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Image sourced from @paavaniayurveda on Instagram.

Jala neti or using a Neti Pot is the practice of passing water through the nasal passages and is sometimes called nasal irrigation. This cleanses the nasal passages and sinuses offering many important health benefits to the body and mind. As a result of the practice, dust, pollen and pollutants such as smoke are removed. For those suffering from allergies, cleansing the nasal passages and sinuses often reduces allergy symptoms. The benefits of jala neti, however, go beyond the physical body. The practice also cleanses the mind resulting in a higher level of being alert and awake.

For a wonderful gift to a loved one so that they can have lasting health, I suggest using this Neti Pot that comes with a little oil to place on the inside of the nose as part of the Neti Post self care. Its so refreshing and soothing!

Here is the link for your convenience.


2. The Eye Wash Ritual

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Image sourced from @joeys24 on Instagram.

The Ayurvedic practice of Chakshu Dhauti is the practice of washing the eyes. Washing the eyes removes waste secretions that build up in the eye. In addition, the herbs used in the eye wash can improve burning and red eyes.

Regular eye washing helps to sustain one’s vision just as regular brushing of the teeth and flossing helps to sustain the teeth. Washing the eyes only needs to be done a few times a week and can be practiced daily when you experience significant redness and burning~ such as with too much screen time.

You can purchase an eye wash cup and Rose Water at your local store. I love this company: Paavani Ayurveda in Grass Valley, California. It’s women owned and operated and here is the link for their Eye Wash Ritual.


3. The Oral Care Ritual – Cinnamon

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Image sourced from @alyssakeysphoto on Instagram.


Tongue scraping is a traditional Ayurvedic practice that removes the coating that has built up on the surface of the tongue. It is best to practice first thing in the morning before you drink or eat anything.

Removing the coating that is sitting on your tongue will aid in digestion, remove toxins from you body and freshen your breath. By cleansing the tongue and also practicing Oil Pulling not only is the breath freshened and proper taste restored you also remove toxins from building up in your body. Giving you glowing health starting with your mouth: tongue, gums, teeth!

I love this COPPER tongue scraper and pulling oil.

Check our their special package here.


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