A man doing yoga on the floor in a gym.

5 Commandments for Practicing Yoga at Home

There are 5 commandments that you need to keep in mind for practicing yoga at home. The commandments are easy.

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A woman sitting on the ground in a yoga pose.

Trying to Figure Out How to Start a Yoga Practice? Here are 6 Tips!

Here are 6 tips to help you figure out how to start a yoga practice. It’s not easy for anyone …

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A person sleeping on the bed with their head down

Yoga sequence for insomnia, headaches and blood pressure problems

How well did you sleep last night? Yoga can help with sleep problems and the same poses that help with

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A cup of tea on the table with other food

How to Make Your Own Rejuvenating Herbal Tea

Making your own fresh and rejuvenating herbal tea offers numerous health benefits derived from the herbs you use. However, there

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A woman sitting on the counter in front of a buddha statue.

A Better State of Mind using Meditation, Chanting and Yoga

Putting yourself in a better state of mind is a good idea. It can change you physically and energetically, and

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A person pouring oil into an old tea pot.

Chop Wood, Carry Water, Make Chai


Do you feel like you know how to live life well?

In Zen Buddhism there is a story regarding …

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A man and woman sitting in the middle of a yoga class.

3 Yoga and Ayurveda practices for Natural Eye Care

How do your eyes feel at the end of your work day or when you first wake up?

Natural Eye

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A woman is bending over in the living room

Yoga to do when you can’t sleep

How well do you sleep?

Difficulty sleeping is a common problem. Most people struggle to get to sleep or stay

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A bowl of food on top of a table.

Jewish Chicken Soup is from India~ its vegetarian and it’s called Kitchari

The world is your oyster.

The meaning of that phrase comes from the idea that everything is possible and open

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A queen of hearts playing card with the heart in the middle.

How to do a Yoga Shoulderstand Pose or the Queen’s pose

Shoulderstand (Sarvangasana in Sanskrit) is considered to be the Queen of all the hatha yoga poses.

Learning how to do

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