A person standing on top of a mountain doing yoga.

Ayurveda and the Art of Daily Routines: SLEEP

One of the first places to begin using Ayurveda is by adjusting your daily routines. Why does Ayurveda place importance

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A close up of leaves and flowers on a tree

The Ayurveda answer for sinusitis, brain fog, and poor eyesight

Today marks the start of “A Month of Ayurveda” with me! I’ll be writing about straightforward Ayurveda practices that you

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A woman sitting in the middle of a kitchen.

How can Ayurveda help you?


Ayurveda is derived from the two words Ayur and Veda, which

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A large tree with green leaves in the middle of it.

Gifts from the Garden: Free Apples, Homegrown Tomatoes, and Acts of Kindness

I recently purchased a home. As a divorced mother of two, purchasing this house marked the convergence of hard work,

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A bowl of food on top of a table.

The perfect Ayurveda dish when you have PMS

Here is what happened that caused me to make this perfect Ayurveda dish for PMS…..


My 19-year-old daughter was

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A person sitting at a table with some oils and a glass

Self-Oil Massage to improve circulation and build Ojas!

Self-oil massage offers numerous benefits to the health of both the body and mind, making it ideal to incorporate into

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A glass of yellow pudding with nuts and banana.

Delightful BANANA ICE CREAM recipe & Ayurveda digestion tips for the summer!

It’s summer, and I have a delightful Banana Ice Cream recipe to share with you! This cool and refreshing treat

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A night sky with the milky way in the background.

Can God or the Divine eliminate Loneliness?

So many of the choices we make, whether consciously or unconsciously, are aimed at avoiding the feeling of loneliness that …

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A road going through the middle of a valley.

 Is Meditation, Mantra, Pranayama and Ayurveda part of Yoga?

We loosely use the word yoga in modern Western culture to mean yoga postures but it can include other parts

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A group of people sitting on the ground in a room.

Pranayama or Yogic Breathing to Improve Your Sleep (and other benefits)

Pranayama is an effective technique that can help you sleep better, and it only requires a few minutes of regular

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